Saturday, 1 October 2011

Do you work with sleepwalkers?

Wow, what a busy Summer it is turning out to be! Here at Potential2Achieve we continue to work with great clients on fascinating projects and contracts. We feel privileged to work in diverse workplaces and meet many interesting characters along the way.

We are often called upon to help inspire those who need to re-energise, or who are maybe not as positive as they could be about their workplace. The way these people are described to us matches them to the Sleepwalker and Neg-Ferret characters that Adrian Webster features in his Polar Bear Pirates books. We are sometimes engaged to work with teams who are finding it difficult to take the first steps on their journey to Fat City - those sleepwalkers that need awakening!

For those who haven't seen him in action, below is a short video where you can experience Adrian talking about some of those very characters.

We hope you enjoy it. If you recognise anyone in your organisation and want help to inspire change then contact us urgently!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was good to see Mr Webster in action after a few years :D