Monday, 30 May 2011



It’s not often that you find something or someone so in line with your own thinking that it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We saw and heard Richard Noble OBE speak about his iconic project to break the 1000 mph landspeed barrier. His passion and unwavering positive belief inspired us to find out more.
His mission is audacious “To confront and overcome the impossible using science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To motivate the next generation to deal with Global 21st Century challenges”. When you break that down the alignment with Potential2Achieve’s philosophy is awesome. It is easy to make the links to our values.

The goal is mind-blowingly massive. The current landspeed record stands at 763 mph, the plan is not to just break the record and within that pass the 1000 mph barrier, but to change the mindset that something cannot be done. This is about sweeping away limiting beliefs, constraints and nay-sayers, but this is not foolish thinking. Supporting the mission is scientific probability which with time and investment will become fact. Achievement of the goal is not a dream it is a plan.
Behind the mission there is an altruistic and meaningful legacy under construction. This will change the process of how schools teach engineering going forward. It will inspire kids to discover, share in groundbreaking new ideas, make them hungry to research and ultimately to enjoy learning – lifelong skills much needed by businesses.

When the BLOODHOUND SSC runs and breaks that 1000 mph target. It will do so with as one of the many names on its tail fin. Find out more about this amazing project here and let us know your thoughts.